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Quiz the one hundred-and-sixty-seventh: Pass me the binoculars (Part four)

I hope to have a quiz coming up on just what it is all these people are looking at. But for now we’re still looking at them, and trying to identify what movies they appear in.

See also: Quiz the thirty-sixth: Pass me the binoculars (Part one), Quiz the seventy-ninth: Pass me the binoculars (Part two), Quiz the one hundred-and-eighteenth: Pass me the binoculars (Part three).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-sixty-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part three)

No Emma, that’s not what I mean by having blood on your face. That’s just a nosebleed. But these people have some real blood on their faces, and that’s why they’re being featured in this week’s quiz.

See also: Quiz the fifty-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part one), Quiz the ninety-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part two).

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