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Quiz the one hundred-and-forty-sixth: The wedding album (Part two)

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue in this week’s quiz. I love weddings. They’re like graduations. That last celebration of joy and hope for the future before disappointment and bitterness come crashing into your life. Let’s see if these pics can do the Big Day justice.

See also: Quiz the eighty-ninth: The wedding album (Part one).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-fortieth: Scary bathtime (Part two)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the tub . . .

Well, it has been a while. More than a hundred quizzes since the last scary bathtime! That’s quite a while, since you have to admit that even if you don’t like to take baths, they make a great place to drown someone, or store their bloody corpse.

See also: Quiz the nineteenth: Scary bathtime (Part one).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-ninth: A man with a cigar (Part three)

One of these days I’ll have to post a quiz with women smoking cigars, just in the interests of diversity. Until then, we have more men lighting up. Consult your DVD shelf, and perhaps your humidor, to identify the following flicks.

See also: Quiz the twenty-eighth: A man with a cigar (Part one), Quiz the fifty-sixth: A man with a cigar (Part two).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-seventh: Screaming headlines (Part seven)

More headlines! This is our seventh instalment of front-page news and some of it, I think you’ll agree, is pretty dramatic stuff. So let’s see how many of these stories you can track back to their celluloid source.

See also: Quiz the fifth: Screaming headlines (Part one), Quiz the seventeenth: Screaming headlines (Part two), Quiz the thirty-fifth: Screaming headlines (Part three), Quiz the sixty-eighth: Screaming headlines (Part four), Quiz the eighty-sixth: Screaming headlines (Part five), Quiz the one hundred-and-first: Screaming headlines (Part six).

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