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Quiz the eighty-sixth: Screaming headlines (Part five)

A title card like this makes putting it in the quiz a bit too easy, don’t you think? But there are plenty of headlines to challenge you in this week’s selection of pics, so read on.

See also: Quiz the fifth: Screaming headlines (Part one), Quiz the seventeenth: Screaming headlines (Part two), Quiz the thirty-fifth: Screaming headlines (Part three), Quiz the sixty-eighth: Screaming headlines (Part four).

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Quiz the eighty-third: Searching (Part one)

Some of these quizzes can be answered using the help of a search engine (even if that’s cheating). But until now I haven’t had a quiz that’s about using a search engine. See if you can find the answers to these searches. Get all of them and you’ll be several ahead of me. I’ve actually forgotten where some of these came from. I may never be able to find them now.

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