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Quiz the one hundred-and-eleventh: Just a note (Part three)

Do you really? Do you know who I am? Well, my name is on this blog. File this week’s quiz under nostalgia. I suppose if I keep doing these things long enough I’ll have to include one on text messages. But for now you’ll have to put up with an earlier form of note.

See also: Quiz the twelfth: Just a note (Part one), Quiz the thirty-first: Just a note (Part two).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-ninth: Timestamped (Part three)

Hm. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? And yet it’s a title card that gives you both a time and a place (albeit not very specific on either count). What more could you possibly want? That’s all the information required to identify this week’s line-up.

See also: Quiz the twentieth: Timestamped (Part one), Quiz the forty-eighth: Timestamped (Part two).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-sixth: Phone booth (Part four)

It’s time once again to put down your cell phone and head for ye olde phone booth, those time capsules of yesteryear’s telecommunications infrastructure. I think you’ll have no trouble making all the right connections, as this is one of the easiest quizzes yet! At least in my estimation.

See also: Quiz the third: Phone booth (Part one), Quiz the fifteenth: Phone booth (Part two), Quiz the forty-fourth: Phone booth (Part three).

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