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Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-seventh: I like to keep a gun in my drawer (Part two)

I have to admit, after my first gun-in-a-drawer quiz I didn’t figure I’d be doing another for a while. But that’s where people keep putting them! Unlike in Canada, where you’re legally required to keep them locked up, even in your home, the guns here are quickly available and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

See also: Quiz the seventy-fifth: I like to keep a gun in my drawer (Part one).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-sixth: Cover story (Part one)

Could it be that magazines will soon go the way of all things print, consigned to the dustbin of history and leaving us to play with our cell phones while sitting in waiting rooms? If so, my boxes of old movie magazines may finally be worth something. But, alas, there may not be many more quizzes like this week’s incredibly easy offering.  So enjoy this walk in the park, film fans!

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Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-third: Hard time (Part two)

Hey, that kid is way too young to be locked up! This is a quiz about men behind bars, not little boys.

But just give him a few years, and maybe he’ll be able to join this all-star line-up. Meanwhile, his age can be taken as a reflection of the fact that this is one of the easiest quizzes yet. Even a grade-schooler could ace it!

See also: Quiz the thirtieth: Hard time (Part one).

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