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Quiz the seventy-ninth: Pass me the binoculars (Part two)

In my previous binocular quiz I gave you the not very helpful clue that none of the pics showed someone using binoculars to look at birds. In this week’s quiz I can’t be as confident about that. Good luck!

See also: Quiz the thirty-sixth: Pass me the binoculars (Part one).

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Quiz the seventy-eighth: Car window splatter (Part one)

I’m afraid a quick drive through the car wash isn’t going to get these stains out. I mean, the glass is easy to clean, but in most cases the blood is on the inside, and has probably sprayed onto the rest of the interior as well. Let’s hope if you ever have a problem like this you know someone to call.

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Quiz the seventy-sixth: Typecasting (Part one)

Typewriters. Yet another piece of technology that younger generations today know nothing of. I learned to type on an old manual Underwood, with the bell that rang as you approached the end of a line and the long, slender silver arm of a carriage return. I remember the keys jamming together and the ribbon becoming tangled. I remember the novelty of “liquid paper.”

But enough reminiscing. On to this week’s quiz, showing these antiques being employed in some movies I leave it to you with long memories to identify.

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