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Quiz the one hundred-and-eighty-second: You’ve got mail (Part one)

Does anyone remember mailboxes? Living on a farm, I had one most of my life. It even had my name on it and a little flag that went up when the mail got dropped off. But rural mail delivery started cutting back years ago, and today we might even ask if anyone remembers e-mail. It seems as though nobody uses that very much anymore. Oh well. Let’s return to the days when such things as mailboxes existed, at least in the movies.

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Quiz the one hundred-and-eighty-first: Flashing the badge (Part three)

I’d like to see a cop flash a badge in a movie and have someone really study it. It’s usually presented as an almost superfluous gesture, because how would anyone know if it’s legit? How can you tell a fake badge from a real one? I don’t know, and I’ve seen them in lots of movies.

See also: Quiz the thirteenth: Flashing the badge (Part one), Quiz the ninetieth: Flashing the badge (Part two).

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