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Quiz the two hundredth: In the line of fire (Parts five, six, seven and eight)

With our 200th quiz we reach another milestone in the history of this site. As a way of celebrating, let’s stare down the barrel of a locked-and-loaded megaquiz!

I’ll be taking a break from quizzes for a while now, but seeing as none of the 200 I’ve posted has been completed, many challenges remain in the archives. Enjoy, and good luck!

See also: Quiz the one hundredth: In the line of fire (Parts one, two, three and four).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-ninety-first: Diner (Part three)

Whether it’s the breakfast special or a milkshake and a burger at noon, a diner is one of my favourite places to relax . . . and do movie quizzes. In fact, this might be our easiest and most relaxing quiz ever. What do you like that’s on the menu?

See also: Quiz the seventieth: Diner (Part one), Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-second: Diner (Part two).

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