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Quiz the thirty-sixth: Pass me the binoculars (Part one)

This week’s quiz comes with a clue: Not one of the people we see using binoculars here is birdwatching.

Well, I didn’t say it was a really helpful clue. But it’s a clue! I do try and help.

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Quiz the thirty-fifth: Screaming headlines (Part three)

That’s the spirit! Your picture on the front page, and a headline to go with it! What more could you want? Just check out some of the clippings from this week’s quiz.

See also: Quiz the fifth: Screaming headlines (Part one), Quiz the seventeenth: Screaming headlines (Part two).

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Quiz the thirty-fourth: Men in pyjamas (Part one)

Well, I always call them pyjamas anyway. Though apparently the American spelling is pajamas. Also known as PJs, jimmies, jimjams, or jammies, they have been disappearing from our silver screens, just as, one assumes, they have been disappering from our bedrooms. I don’t know why. I think they can be both comfortable and classy. In any event, as with our quizzes involving newspaper headlines and phone booths, here’s yet another trip down memory lane to look at the way we used to live.

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Quiz the twenty-seventh: Keeping time (Part one)

I’ve heard that this watch is a Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002P, which is apparently quite the thing. It costs well over a million dollars. Really. I don’t know if any of the other timepieces on display in this week’s quiz are quite as pricey, but the degree of difficulty in identifying the movies they appear in has definitely been dialed up. See how many you can match!

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