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Quiz the eightieth: Oral hygiene (Part one)

The purpose of brushing is to remove food particles from between teeth. That’s the first thing I learned in basic training, and the only thing I’ve remembered from that experience. Now let’s judge the following line-up on their oral hygiene.

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Quiz the seventy-ninth: Pass me the binoculars (Part two)

In my previous binocular quiz I gave you the not very helpful clue that none of the pics showed someone using binoculars to look at birds. In this week’s quiz I can’t be as confident about that. Good luck!

See also: Quiz the thirty-sixth: Pass me the binoculars (Part one).

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Quiz the seventy-sixth: Typecasting (Part one)

Typewriters. Yet another piece of technology that younger generations today know nothing of. I learned to type on an old manual Underwood, with the bell that rang as you approached the end of a line and the long, slender silver arm of a carriage return. I remember the keys jamming together and the ribbon becoming tangled. I remember the novelty of “liquid paper.”

But enough reminiscing. On to this week’s quiz, showing these antiques being employed in some movies I leave it to you with long memories to identify.

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