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Quiz the one hundred-and-fifty-fourth: A closer look (Part one)

I sometimes worry that the pictures I include for these quizzes are too small. But I guess they’re big enough for people to work with. A related problem is when they’re too dark to make out, and there’s nothing I can do about that. In any event, you can always enlarge them. Or, as here, use a more traditional tool, which you’ll often see in the hands of classic film detectives.

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Quiz the one hundred-and-forty-ninth: Just a note (Part four)

It’s always nice to get a note. Unless they include death threats. I have to admit, some of these aren’t very nice. Some are even threatening. The last one should have a trigger warning! But see if you can tell what movies they appear in anyway.

See also: Quiz the twelfth: Just a note (Part one), Quiz the thirty-first: Just a note (Part two), Quiz the one hundred-and-eleventh: Just a note (Part three).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-forty-sixth: The wedding album (Part two)

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue in this week’s quiz. I love weddings. They’re like graduations. That last celebration of joy and hope for the future before disappointment and bitterness come crashing into your life. Let’s see if these pics can do the Big Day justice.

See also: Quiz the eighty-ninth: The wedding album (Part one).

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