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Quiz the nineteenth: Scary bathtime (Part one)

We all know how Psycho made us feel that it would never be safe to take a shower. But soaking in a hot tub has been the stuff of nightmares as well. Plus they make good places to get rid of bodies. For example, here are some baths you wouldn’t want to get in to.

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Quiz the eighteenth: SPLAT! (Part one)

You know that sound . . . the sound a body makes when it falls from an open window or the roof of a tall building and lands on the sidewalk, or from the top of a cliff onto the rocks below. That sound is SPLAT! Now see if you can identify these movie moments of terminal impact.

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Quiz the fifteenth: Phone booth (Part two)

I remember a social psychology study from a few years back about how people who are in a phone booth tend to take longer if they know someone else is waiting for them to finish their call. For some reason that always made me think of the Terminator’s impatience to get to a phone book. I think if he’d been part of the experiment he might have skewed the results. In any event, here are some more movie phone booths for you to look at. See if you can make the connection.

See also: Quiz the third: Phone booth (Part one).

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Quiz the fourteenth: Needlework (Part one)

No, when I say needlework I’m not talking about sewing circles. The needles here are hypodermic, most often seen in the hands of mad doctors and junkies but also put to more medically approved uses. I think this is a pretty easy quiz this week, but perhaps that’s just because needles make me nervous. I trust that anyone doing this quiz will be made of stronger stuff.

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