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Quiz the one hundred-and-sixteenth: Original sin (Part one)

Why would you get a piece of the core stuck in your teeth? Wouldn’t it be more likely to be a piece of skin? Who eats the core? No, despite the catchy title I’ve given it we’re not getting sexy with this week’s quiz. Though I’m not ruling that out moving forward. Instead we’re celebrating apple eating. Apparently one of them a day is good for you. It’s a regimen I stick pretty close to myself, and I can’t complain.

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Quiz the one hundred-and-fifteenth: By the book (Part three)

Will it be much longer before books go the way of phone booths and pyjamas, not to be seen outside of old movies? That’s the way things seem to be heading. So let’s take a moment to recognize the importance of the printed word. See how many of these movies you can identify by their covers.

See also: Quiz the twenty-third: By the book (Part one), Quiz the seventy-third: By the book (Part two).

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