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Quiz the one hundred-and-tenth: A game of chess (Part two)

The last time I had a chess quiz I confessed that I was a lousy chess player. Since then I’ve been playing a lot of chess online. I haven’t gotten any better. I’m still a lousy chess player. I’m much better at quizzes.

See also: Quiz the twenty-sixth: A game of chess (Part one).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-ninth: Timestamped (Part three)

Hm. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? And yet it’s a title card that gives you both a time and a place (albeit not very specific on either count). What more could you possibly want? That’s all the information required to identify this week’s line-up.

See also: Quiz the twentieth: Timestamped (Part one), Quiz the forty-eighth: Timestamped (Part two).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-sixth: Phone booth (Part four)

It’s time once again to put down your cell phone and head for ye olde phone booth, those time capsules of yesteryear’s telecommunications infrastructure. I think you’ll have no trouble making all the right connections, as this is one of the easiest quizzes yet! At least in my estimation.

See also: Quiz the third: Phone booth (Part one), Quiz the fifteenth: Phone booth (Part two), Quiz the forty-fourth: Phone booth (Part three).

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Quiz the one hundred-and-first: Screaming headlines (Part six)

Extra! Extra! The Alex on Film quizzes are back! And what better way to make the announcement than with more headlines? Now see how many of these you can place in the movies they’ve been torn from.

See also: Quiz the fifth: Screaming headlines (Part one), Quiz the seventeenth: Screaming headlines (Part two), Quiz the thirty-fifth: Screaming headlines (Part three), Quiz the sixty-eighth: Screaming headlines (Part four), Quiz the eighty-sixth: Screaming headlines (Part five).

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