Mayday! May Day!

Just a note to let you know that I’ll be taking most of May off. But I’ll be back in a month . . . I hope. Sometimes you just need a bit of downtime, as any Newfoundland dog would be the first to tell you. They know how to take it easy and enjoy life, even in a snowstorm.

16 thoughts on “Mayday! May Day!


    1. Dog in the Snow
    2 Snow Dogs
    3. Dog
    4. The Shining with Dogs
    5. Alsatians in Alsace
    6. Benji’s Sub Zero Adventure
    7. Beethoven’s Frozen Frolic
    8. Ice Cold in Alex’s Dog Picture
    9. Where’s the Quiz?

    1. Alex Good

      Close. 9 was Dude, Where’s My Quiz? and 1 was Chien dans la neige (was bit at Cannes).

      Quizzes are, as you would expect, off for the month of May as well.


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