Quiz the one hundred-and-sixty-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part three)

No Emma, that’s not what I mean by having blood on your face. That’s just a nosebleed. But these people have some real blood on their faces, and that’s why they’re being featured in this week’s quiz.

See also: Quiz the fifty-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part one), Quiz the ninety-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part two).


























54 thoughts on “Quiz the one hundred-and-sixty-fifth: You’ve got blood on your face (Part three)

  1. Bookstooge

    7) One of the John Wicks, but no idea so not too worried.
    10) American Psycho

    And there’s my one. It’s friday, it’s going to be warm today and I got my one answer out of a quiz. Life’s pretty good at 5:30am so far.

      1. Bookstooge

        I “just” got notified of this at 5:30pm. It wasn’t until I came here that I realized you had left it 9hrs ago!
        Man, WP really IS bending us all over today.

      2. Bookstooge

        Ahhh, WP and their bleeding “spam” filter.
        I check my spam folder every day in case something like this happens. as it usually does at least once a month…

  2. Melanie Novak

    As you know, I’m no fan of the horror genre. But this is enticing…..I love the idea of parasites infecting crazy Black Friday shoppers. I myself participate in Black Friday, but I avoid the Wal-Marts and Targets where you could be literally trampled to death until later in the day when the dust has cleared…….

      1. Bookstooge

        that only happens if you read a post IN the reader instead of visiting the site. But since we can’t visit Dix’s site AND comment, we’re stuck with this 😦

      2. Bookstooge

        It’s something with the reader. Even when I’m replying to comments in the notification area the reader is going nutso in the background. Posts are poppping up left and right and I’m liking and unliking posts like nobody’s business!

      3. Alex Good Post author

        It was just going bananas today at his site. I kept getting bounced out to other posts. But it was making comment reports here go wonky too. I was getting notifications of forty comments when there was only one being made, etc.

      4. Bookstooge

        2 things.
        First was the block editor. I said some things to the admins who were being all pro-block editor and completely ignoring what people were actually asking for/about. I said it very personally and strongly.
        2, someone asked if they owned their content on WP. Someone told them they did. I told the user asking the question that WP could ban them at any moment for any reason according to the TOS and so they needed to consider who REALLY owned their content? That’s what got me actually banned.

      5. Alex Good Post author

        I could see the first one maybe getting you into some trouble if you were personal. The second shouldn’t have been a problem.

        I’ve been banned from a couple of news sites for disagreeing with things that were being said. I never used any bad language or made any personal attacks. Basically I said they were publishing stuff that wasn’t real reporting but was more an ad for a particular personality or party. Or else I pointed out factual errors. Zero tolerance for that. It’s quite annoying when it happens. All you hear is moderators going on about how people can’t imagine the vile comments that have to be banned because they’re so full of hate, etc. That sure was never the case with me. I think the moderators are full of it. They just like to ban people they disagree with.

  3. fragglerocking

    Hmm Otsy and Dix got all the easy ones already so slim pickings for me this week.
    1) False Positive
    5) Deadly Virtues Love Honour and Obey
    14) Villains
    19) This Sporting Life
    21) Sharknado 2
    23) Harpoon
    25) Hitmans Wife’s Bodyguard

    1. Alex Good Post author

      Number 5 is whaaaaaaat? Is that a translation from the Chinese?
      According to my notes you don’t have the right Sharknado movie, but my notes aren’t always perfect . . .


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