Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-eighth: Shake on it (Part two)

Haven’t been seeing a lot of handshakes lately. Might not see many again. But if it means the end of the bro hug too then that can’t be all bad.

See also: Quiz the fifty-eighth: Shake on it (Part one).



























52 thoughts on “Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-eighth: Shake on it (Part two)

  1. film-authority.com

    1. Bridge of Sighs
    3. Life of Brian
    4. Captain America: Civil War
    7. Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation
    8. Romeo and Juliet
    9 First Man
    11 Riot in Cell Block 99
    13 The Irishman
    15. 1917
    16 Hamlet
    18 Local Hero
    19 Young Frankenstein
    24 White House Down
    25 One Eyed Jacks

  2. Bookstooge

    If you’re not seeing much hand shaking, then maybe you need a new set of friends. Just saying.

    As for the bro hug, what should replace it?

    I didn’t bother guessing because I knew “certain somebodies” would hog all the ones (or twos) I might have known 🙂

    1. Alex Good

      I don’t think I’ve shaken hands with anyone in eighteen months. Replacements for the bro hug . . . ass slaps? I don’t know.
      Yeah, the low-hanging fruit gets picked up early. It’s getting the tough ones now that separates the true cineastes from the matinee crowd. Plus Fraggle and Otsy scored double bonus points for correcting mistakes.

      1. Bookstooge

        I’m guessing you’re not a touch person then. Because otherwise you’d make the effort to shake hands 😀

        Anyone besides Mrs B slaps my ass, they are getting shot or at least taken down with a leg sweep. Maybe you should keep thinking about alternatives. Or do you just want to do away with it altogether?

        I don’t even qualify for the matinee crowd, hahaha.

      2. Alex Good Post author

        Nah, I like shaking hands. But I’m done with people being all snooty about their personal space. So I don’t bother trying anymore. I mean, you only shake hands with people you don’t know anyway, and I don’t know how they’re going to take it.

      3. Bookstooge

        Not being sarcastic here, but you only shake hands with people you don’t know?
        How do you greet those who you know then?

        I agree with you. I won’t shake a strangers hand because I don’t know how they will take it. If they’re wearing a mask, forget it!

        But for my church family, I’m a real hand shaker. Or at least a fist bumper for those who are trying to minimize contact but not be total recluses 😀

      4. Alex Good Post author

        If I know someone I’d just say hi. Handshakes are more of a formal introduction to me and not something I’d do with someone I already knew.

  3. film-authority.com

    There will be no point deductions. Frankly, I won this by a landslide, everyone knows that, no double points for corrections to console the losers, you can stop the count now, I am once again the winner of the So-Bad-It’s Alex-Good film quiz!

      1. Over-The-Shoulder

        Haha! Would love to see Charlie return, set with mask, gloves and goggles. I imagine he would be very safe. Would probably have to be a volunteer nurse, or help dispose bodies, instead of a detective, but it would still be entertaining.

      2. Over-The-Shoulder

        I doubt it. In this day and age, Chan would be more corrupt than anyone. He’d probably join the Tories in some alternate reality where they didn’t despise anyone who wasn’t white.

      3. film-authority.com

        You think Charlie would side with white suprematists? Telegraph readers? Robby Collins acolytes? Say it ain’t so!

        Oh, is Joe Hart up to much? Asking for a friend.

      4. Over-The-Shoulder

        Someone terribly uninteresting. Wikipedia has this to say: “Charles Joseph John Hart is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.” He’s not very good. He’s our third choice goalkeeper. Celtic (“a Scottish professional football club based in Glasgow, which plays in the Scottish Premiership. The club was founded in 1887 with the purpose of alleviating poverty in the immigrant Irish population in the East End of Glasgow”) are supposedly interesting in signing him, for some Godforsaken reason.

        I hope that was detailed enough.

      5. Alex Good Post author

        Hm. I really don’t understand the football culture over there. I mean, I like watching a bit of American football, but I can’t say I really care a whole lot about it. So I take it you are a fan of Tottenham Hotspur and Eddie follows this Celtic team? Do these two teams play each other? Do you get into drunken brawls?

      6. Over-The-Shoulder

        I am, indeed, a fan of Tottenham Hotspur. I don’t know who Eddie supports, but I don’t think it’s Celtic. They sound too big time. Perhaps he supports Blanefield Thistle F.C. (in order to get this gobsmacking joke, you must understand they are very bad – no one even knows they exist). They don’t play each other, because they’re in different leagues. Tottenham are in the Premier League – the best English league, perhaps the best league in the world. Celtic are in the Scottish equivalent, although the Scottish Premiership is far worse in terms of quality than the English one. Drunken brawls is a horrible, very true stereotype – take it back!

      7. Alex Good Post author

        Oh wow. I looked up Blanefield Thistle. Apparently they are accepting walk-ons. Maybe Eddie plays for them?

        Anyway, it said that Blanefield Thistle was playing some team called Aberfoyle Rob Roy FC, and it just so happens that I went to school in Aberfoyle! So while I would like to say something nice about Blanefield, I think these Aberfoyle people have to get my support.

        Now I want to get a t-shirt. Probably not easy to score though. But I could probably get one for these Tottenham Hotspur guys. I think I’ve actually heard of them. Never seen them, but the name sounds familiar. Would that be Fraggle’s team too?

      8. Over-The-Shoulder

        Hahahahahahaha! Eddie playing for them! (*wipes a tear from eye*) Stop! You’re killing me! We need to get this on camera! Polaroid?

        No way! What a coincidence, eh? You went to Aberfoyle? So you went to school in Scotland? Oh, you poor soul. It’s all becoming so clear.

        But if you get an Aberfoyle shirt, that would be extremely cool. Send some to me, and throw them at the players next time I go to a match. Even better, send an email to the Rob Roy players, telling them to record a video asking a Tottenham player to wear their shirt, and I guarantee I can make it happen.

        As far as I know, Fraggle has given up on football – she complained it’s a immoral, dirty, blood sucking, money obsessed industry (she’s right) – but I think she used to support Newcastle, which probably explains it (they all hate their owner who’s trying to sell the club). I’ll add them to the “football club quality” scale.

        1) Aberfoyle Rob Roy FC!
        2) Tottenham
        3) Newcastle
        4) Celtic
        5) Blanefield Thistle

        You’re learning so much! Glad it’s me, not Eddie, giving this education. The propaganda he’d be spewing would likely be very dangerous.

      9. Alex Good Post author

        Alas the Aberfoyle Public School (which may mean something different over here) that I attended was in Canada. We have our own Aberfoyle. But the name struck a note of kinship. I should try out the next time I skip over the pond. What’s the position where you don’t have to run around so much? Goalie? Is that it?
        I’ll bet Eddie has played for the Thistles. I think they may just trawl the pubs to find enough warm bodies to make up a side. Then you get paid in coupons redeemable at local businesses.

      10. Over-The-Shoulder

        Ah, that makes much more sense. Like to see a drunken brawl between you and Eddie to decide which Aberfoyle is better.

        Goalie is indeed the position, but you can be very exposed. I recommend playing as a very old fashioned full back, where you stand in the corner of the field and hack at anyone who comes near you.

        And that’s why Blanefield is one of the most thriving areas in Scotland, all because of their unique and totally efficient economy. Turn up at the match, get coupons. The employment rate is 0%! Incredible.

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