Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-seventh: Screaming headlines (Part seven)

More headlines! This is our seventh instalment of front-page news and some of it, I think you’ll agree, is pretty dramatic stuff. So let’s see how many of these stories you can track back to their celluloid source.

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35 thoughts on “Quiz the one hundred-and-thirty-seventh: Screaming headlines (Part seven)

  1. Bookstooge

    17 is the only one I know. And that’s because that movie was so bad that it seared itself into my brain and hasn’t let me go.
    Poopman and Crowboy I think it was called? Eh, close enough….

      1. Bookstooge

        I do have to admit, I am surprised the franchise survived it. I realize Batman has a huge comic book audience, but man, that movie was just plain bad!

      2. Alex Good Post author

        They kept resetting and reinventing him and making him “darker.” And though I’m not a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan movies, they were certainly a huge step up from the early days.

  2. tensecondsfromnow

    Sigh. Here’s a dozen to kick things off..

    2. The Sorcerers
    4. Charlie Chan in Reno
    5. The Dark Corner
    7. High Anxiety
    8. The Invisible Man Returns
    14. Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte
    16. Deadlier Than The Male
    17. Batman and Robin
    19. Strange Brew
    20 The Omen (remake)
    23. Pursuit to Algiers
    24. The Postman Always Rings Twice

      1. Alex Good Post author

        Canada: 1867
        Scotland: . . . say, just when are you guys going to become independent? I don’t want you to rush into anything, but.

      2. film-authority.com

        Sigh. More matters you know nothing about. If you fancy learning something, you could try listening to my recent BBC interview about women and literature. They don’t have any slots for discussing such distasteful matters your screenshot collection. Cultural figures only, no time wasters.

        So 12 out of 12, leaves the field open for a challenger, try to get some excitement going here…

      3. Alex Good Post author

        From Top Cat colouring books to Jackie Collins. I guess that’s a step up. Or . . . well, let’s just call it a lateral move. I don’t know if mansplaining women’s literature counts as being fully woke though.

        And happy birthday! Just extrapolating from your use of language and taste in movies I’m guessing you’re . . . twelve? Thirteen? Enjoy those years while you can! High school can be hard.

      4. film-authority.com

        I’ll mansplain your coupon in two bits if I ever get hold of you, you caperering loon!

        Anyway, aced your quiz yet again without breaking a sweat, and no need to respond to your desperate attempts at trolling. Some of us discuss literature on the BBC, some of us screenshot women on toilets. That’s just the way it is. Just sayin’!

      5. Alex Good Post author

        Well, despite you’re always saying so many nasty and threatening things to me, I sincerely hope you had a wonderful party and that all your friends were able to attend. Teddy. Raggedy Andy. And Mr. Flopsy Bunny. That would be quite a full house! Did everyone get a piece of cake and some chocolate milk? I’ll bet it was fun!

      6. film-authority.com

        I have said many nasty things about you, but only because, as an artist, I hold a mirror up to the grim truth that is your pitiful existence. Do hermits like yourself have parties? Other than the one that you just fantasised? Or does your probation officer forbid it. Must go, the clink of champagne and high society! Jealous mucxh?

      7. Alex Good Post author

        Champagne! You mean your parents are letting you have ginger ale? I hope they’re not mixing it with grape juice or anything.

      8. Alex Good Post author

        Well, I’ll admit this site offers the gold standard of movie quizzes. But I was just sayin’. Alex: 13. Rapidly Aging Scottish Curmudgeon: 12.

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