Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-sixth: Cover story (Part one)

Could it be that magazines will soon go the way of all things print, consigned to the dustbin of history and leaving us to play with our cell phones while sitting in waiting rooms? If so, my boxes of old movie magazines may finally be worth something. But, alas, there may not be many more quizzes like this week’s incredibly easy offering.  So enjoy this walk in the park, film fans!


























31 thoughts on “Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-sixth: Cover story (Part one)

  1. tensecondsfromnow

    1. The Dead Zone
    2. The Manchurian Candidate
    3. Batman
    4. The Fly
    5. Prom Night 2; Hello Mary Lou
    7. Borg Vs McEnroe
    8. The Woman with Ginormous Legs
    9. Sorry to Bother You
    10. Gold
    11. The Big Chill
    12 Glass
    13 The Ides of March
    16. The Alex Good presidential Library
    18. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
    19 Transcendence
    20 Batman Forever
    21 Death Wish
    22 The King of Comedy
    23. National Treasure; Book of Secrets
    24 Hellraiser Bloodline
    25. The Big Lebowski

    1. Alex Good

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      Please note that posts from outside these areas may experience significant delay if you are posting answers to the weekly quiz, leading to loss of all points and bragging rights. We appreciate your patience.
      AoF Admin

      1. Alex Good Post author

        Scores can only be tabulated once comments have finished being screened by our moderators. This may take several days. We appreciate your patience.
        AoF Admin

  2. Over-The-Shoulder

    Well, it’s impossible for me to win, right? That’s disappointing. I think you should just keep Dix’s comments in moderation till the end of the day to give others a chance. That’d be funny.

    1. Alex Good

      All comments are still being moderated!
      Plus, this quiz isn’t finished. So you could easily get one of the pictures that was too hard for him . . .

      1. Alex Good Post author

        If I said then he’d know, and it’s better that he remain in darkness. He’s got four wrong though, and there’s four he passed on. Basically he just picked all the low-hanging fruit.

      2. Over-The-Shoulder

        You’re no help. Sigh. It’s too late for me to think. Remind me tomorrow morning and I’ll have a go at the tough ones, but I’m not sure I’ll get many.

      3. Alex Good Post author

        Chandler was actually doing these quizzes long before I started, and he’s always had a rule that he doesn’t give hints. He doesn’t even say what ones you get right or wrong. And I think that’s a good rule. It leaves things more open down the line. So if all of someone’s guesses are right I say so, but if some are wrong I don’t like to say which ones are wrong. Suffice it to say that Eddie slipped up a few times.

      4. Over-The-Shoulder

        Chandler? As in, Chandler Bing? I thought it was Ross who did the quizzes. Keep up, old man. We can’t have you lagging behind.

        You are an incredibly difficult quiz master. I should just host my own quiz and make it really difficult for you. Yeah, how’d you like that? Just keep all your comments in moderation or something. Ok, I’ll try to have a go. Give me a couple of hours…

      5. Alex Good Post author

        Well, I wasn’t expecting you to know it. I was just pointing it out.
        I leave answers on Chandler’s quizzes and he does on mine so I’m sure he knows. Think it’s a pretty general idea though.

      6. Over-The-Shoulder

        I never seen Chandler here before. Is he good? Has he ever beaten Dix?

        Do you recommend his blog? Should I check him out? Or are you scared I’m going to smash you in his quizzes?

      7. Alex Good Post author

        He’s a really good writer, and drops in occasionally to do some of the quizzes. On his quizzes there’s a guy named Pete who usually cleans up.

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