52 thoughts on “Quiz the one hundred-and-twenty-fourth: Hanging around (Part two)

  1. tensecondsfromnow

    In view of the lack of any serious competition, I guess someone has to do the heavy lifting.

    A hat trick should be enough to seal this.

    1 Better Off Dead
    12 A Dangerous Place
    21 Walkabout

      1. Alex Good Post author

        Can’t stop the count with only one correct answer thus far. I believe the well educated cinephiles who follow this blog, all six of them, can do better.

      1. Alex Good Post author

        I punched Gateshead into Wikipedia and all I have to say is that I’m so very happy that there is a county called Tyne and Wear.

      1. Alex Good Post author

        I didn’t see the movie either. I’m not even sure it was a theatrical release. I know The Simpsons had at least one movie-movie. I saw that.

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