The Land Unknown (1957)

*. Apparently there really had been reports of a warm body of water found in Antarctica, which gives this film its jumping-off point. A group of researchers, and one lady journalist for the Oceanic Press (OP), head south to investigate. Their helicopter is hit by a Pterosaur and they descend into a volcanic cavern where dinosaurs still roam.
*. If it sounds like The Lost World, or even King Kong, don’t think that’s a coincidence. This is a genre with a history, one which runs up to the present day.
*. As with most such creature features the plot is just an excuse for Clifford Stine to do his thing and show us a bunch of monsters. Real lizards are enlarged by way of process shots with tiny people in the foreground. There is also a model water beast (or Elasmosaurus) and a guy walking around in a rubber suit playing a Tyrannosaurus. Yes, I looked up the names of all these beasts. Best of all, however, is a giant carnivorous plant that is always just about to grab Shirley Patterson.
*. Jack Arnold was originally slated to direct and it was going to be in colour with a decent budget. But there was a change of plans and it became a B-picture, or sub-B even, with Virgil W. Vogel at the helm.
*. There’s nothing much to say. I don’t think it even has any historical or cultural interest or significance. It’s the kind of thing I enjoyed when I was 8 years old, along with the Godzilla movies and other stuff the local networks ran on weekend afternoons.

5 thoughts on “The Land Unknown (1957)

    1. Alex Good Post author

      She gets grabbed by the plant but one of the guys cuts off its tentacles. At least as I remember it. I could be wrong.
      This one does have an interesting sort of story. In the land that time forgot they run into the last survivor of a previous mission that had gone missing. Now he thinks he’s the god of this world. He’ll help the others escape as long as they leave the girl with him. That sort of thing.

      1. Alex Good Post author

        Oh it’s a cliché alright, but still more in the way of plot than I was expecting.

        No series of ancient monster movies getting started. But probably more horror than usual for the rest of this month, just to be seasonal.

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