Scarecrow Slayer (2003)

*. I didn’t have my hopes up. To be more precise, I was just wondering if it could possibly be any worse than Scarecrow.
*. It should have met my low expectations. The story isn’t that bad (I shudder as I write that, but keep in mind such a judgement is relative). There’s no continuity with Scarecrow but instead a vague alternative mythology is introduced which only keeps the idea of the Scarecrow being possessed of the spirit of some unlucky guy who dies at its feet. Then there’s a bunch of college jerks who play at being Marines, which is at least a bit more interesting than the usual gang of jocks. And finally we have Tony Todd in an abbreviated Ahab role. His character should be able to explain what’s going on a bit better, having written several books on the subject, but I’m not sure the screenwriters knew any more than he did.
*. All this might have been OK. Or at least, as I had hoped, no worse than the original. Unfortunately, it’s put across with total technical incompetence. This movie has some of the worst visual effects and lighting I think I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, it doesn’t need to be said but I’ll say anyway that the acting is at the same level. I’m talking about performances that are so bad they’re immediately annoying. They don’t even have to wear on you.
*. Complete garbage, without even the blessings of a few good kills. But for all that I have trouble saying it’s any worse than Scarecrow. On the whole I’m inclined to think it moves a bit better even if it makes (a lot) less sense. It’s really hard to look at though, and the only people who will find any entertainment value in it will be dedicated craphounds.

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