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Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return (1999)

*. Actually, this should be Children of the Corn 6 or VI (as they’re usually put in Roman numerals). But how could they resist 666? Or DCLXVI? Or (just to be pedantic) χξϛ? Well, they could have resisted. But they didn’t.
*. However, as I’ve made note of before, none of the films in this series follows any of the previous entries. I thought perhaps this one might be different because it marks the return of Isaac (John Franklin, who also co-wrote the script) from the first Children of the Corn. But he doesn’t appear to be the same Isaac and there doesn’t seem to be much continuity with that film.
*. Instead of continuity there’s an entirely new plotline introduced about somehow keeping a prophetic bloodline going. I’d explain more but I had a hard time following it and didn’t care much anyway. Most curious of all is the fact that despite introducing a character with supernatural powers it’s questioned whether or not such an entity as He Who Walks Behind the Rows even exists. Which is a very big break from all the previous instalments.
*. This confusion is a shame because Kari Skogland actually seems to be trying, even injecting a few notes of style into the proceedings. But the script makes nothing out of its potential to follow up the story of “the children of the children.” In fact, children don’t play much of a role here at all. I guess that’s what you get when a franchise runs this long. It’s not just the concept that gets old. Meanwhile, there aren’t even any good kills to pass the time. Just shots of the heroine driving around dusty roads and corn fields.
*. If there were any justice in the world this franchise would have never made it this far, but in fact it had further still to go. A depressing testament to the power not of formula (as there isn’t much of a formula being followed in these movies) but of brand alone.