The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

*. So back in the 1870s there was this Mexican Medea who drowned her kids when she caught her husband fooling around. Now, in 1970s Los Angeles, her evil spirit has become a Latina Woman in Black, going after other people’s children.
*. Throw in the fact that this movie is part of the Conjuring Universe (one of two Conjuring movies that came out in 2019!) and I’m not sure there’s much more to say. La Llorona herself looks a lot like The Nun. Father Perez from Annabelle shows up, and indeed the doll is even shown in a flashback. The film itself is the usual grab-bag of jump scares and things going bump in the night. Flashlights running out of batteries at just the wrong moment. Doors slamming shut and people being dragged across floors. I’m not going to go over all this again. See my notes on any of the other movies in the franchise.
*. Most of these Conjuring movies are, if predictable, at least effectively creepy. Not this one. Or perhaps I’d been down this road too many times over the last few years. After the first half hour I found myself singing “My Llarona” to the tune of the Knack’s “My Sharona” just to amuse myself. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one driven to such measures.
*. Basically single mom (Linda Cardelinni) has to protect her two young children from the weeping woman in white. Well, she works for family services so at least she’s a professional. She can also brandish a baseball bat when things get hairy, and yell at the demon to get out of her house. When that doesn’t work she calls in Raymond Cruz as an exorcist. He’s not sanctioned by the Church but he’s still capable of turning an entire swimming pool into holy water. Father Perez describes him as “unorthodox,” and you know what that means. It means he gets results!
*. No point spending any more time on this one, especially since they really seemed like they were having to drag it out to make the 90 minute running time. There is literally nothing new or interesting to see here.

2 thoughts on “The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

  1. Tom Moody

    Plug for La Maldición de La Llorona (Curse of the Crying Woman), a 1961 Mexican horror film that scared me on TV as a child. As an adult I tracked it down and found it reminiscent of a 1930s Universal scarefest, with fairly oppressive atmosphere. In Mexico everyone knows about the Crying Woman so there is no back story given for her, except a brief mention that “she betrayed her own people,” indicating that the movie’s witch-figure is narratively entangled with the story of La Malinche, a native woman who consorted with Cortez. In La Maldición, the witch is a near-mummy in a basement who is gradually being brought back to life by an evil aristocrat-sorceress. Abel (The Brainiac) Salazar plays a good guy. Just to make this relevant: the talents of Linda (Grandma’s Boy) Cardellini might have been less wasted in a remake of the 1961 version.


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