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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

*. If I’m right, or even close to being right, in locating peak zombie in the year 2007, then we might consider films like this as typical of a decadent phase. That’s what I said in my notes on Zombieland, and this movie came out some six years after that, so . . .
*. Well, this is a terrible movie. The zombie stuff seems almost totally irrelevant, as it’s really just a stupid gross-out teen comedy. Still, it caught me at the right time. Sometimes a movie does that. The Brothers Grimsby, for example, had me laughing so hard I was rolling on the floor crying. I didn’t laugh at any of the jokes in Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, but I still enjoyed most of it just because of the mood I was in. And yes, that is something I feel a little ashamed of.
*. When I say the zombie angle is irrelevant I mean that all the laughs and all the gross parts are really just typical teen humour and not related to the fact that this is a zombie movie. I mean, a zombie man has his dick pulled off, a busty zombie has her top come off so a pervy scout can feel her tits, and another zombie goes down on a girl at a party. Is that zombie humour, or just a bunch of stupid dicks-and-tits jokes? You can see why I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed it.
*. As per usual, the first act of the film introduces us to all the characters who we’re going to see again after they’ve changed. The crazy cat lady. The burly bouncer. It’s all very formulaic. Then, because they’re scouts, you know they’re going to somehow make use of their training to craft some DIY zombie-fighting tools even though there’s no reason why they should. Why not just break into a gun store instead of a hardware place? This is California! Or why didn’t they take that soldier guy’s gun? I guess that would be too easy or make too much sense. Instead, because they’re scouts, they have to be shown making their own zombie-killing weedwhacker and nail-firing crossbow.
*. Also as per usual in the zomcom subgenre there are a lot of nods to other horror films. One mile marker heading out of town shows the distance to Haddonfield, the home of Michael Myers. The cunnilingus gag may be derived from Re-Animator. And the finale reminded me of the end of Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave, though I wouldn’t want to say for sure that the producers even knew of that movie.
*. Crude without rising to the level of offensive. Puerile to the same degree. Neither funny nor scary. But if you just want to turn your brain off and watch something really, really stupid for 90 minutes it may do the trick.