2 thoughts on “Quiz the ninety-ninth: Tickling the ivories (Part two)

  1. Tom Moody

    2 easy pieces:
    4) Rope
    25) Five Easy Pieces

    I was thinking I might see in this group George Sanders’ urbane piano turn in Village of the Damned — a good example of Wyndham’s “cozy catastrophe” style translated to film.
    Also, I hope you will discuss Spring Breakers at some point. Franco noodling at the piano with gat in hand is one of many memorable moments.

    1. Alex Good Post author

      Whatever George Sanders did, you can be sure it was urbane. What an odd man.

      I have some preliminary notes on Spring Breakers, but haven’t got around to writing them up. I actually thought there was something to that movie, but I want to watch it again.


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