6 thoughts on “Quiz the seventieth: Diner (Part one)

  1. Sheba

    I’m so rusty on these, but I think I can hit a few:
    4. Five Easy Pieces
    7. Diner
    8. Little Caesar
    9. Dick Tracy
    11. Naked
    15. Midnight Cowboy
    18. Goodfellas
    19. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
    20: Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
    21. The Big Lebowski
    22. Thief
    24. (I want to say…) Out of the Past (?)
    25. Pulp Fiction

    1. Sheba

      It’s so sad that I can instantly identify the “Yeah, welcome to New York” waitress from the 8th entry in the interminable Friday the 13th movie series, but I’m still not 100% certain if that even IS Kirk Douglas.

      1. Alex Good Post author

        Great work Sheba! I have to admit I did a double take when I saw you got Jason Takes Manhattan. I did NOT think anyone would be getting that one.

        You only had one miss. I don’t believe Kirk Douglas makes an appearance in this week’s quiz.

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