2 thoughts on “Quiz the sixty-second: Hostages (Part one)

  1. Tom Moody

    This is no affront to your media-detective skills, which are a form of intriguing conceptual art. But the evidence of rampant, repetitive film cliches, especially here, is vexing. The actors have to torque themselves up for this emotionally charged moment — will the gun go off and splatter brains? probably not! — and it’s in so many dumb movies. Blazing Saddles commented on this, over 40 years ago, but clearly did nothing to stop the trend. We deserve a better culture than the one we are getting.

    1. Alex Good Post author

      There’s no doubt it’s a cliché. And you’re right, the odds are so stacked against anything happening that there isn’t even any suspense generated. I wonder how many times we’ve had a scene like this in a movie and the hostage actually gets their brains blown out.

      “We deserve a better culture than the one we are getting.” This made me smile.


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