Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

*. I know I refer to these movies as MarvelCrap, but I’ll give credit for Marvel Studios for knowing their shtick and sticking to it. The improbably hunky, self-deprecating stars. The ironic dialogue. The gouts of CGI and explosions, and explosions and CGI.
*. If this is your thing, then sure: Guardians of the Galaxy delivers. Which means it’s more of the same. Following the mythology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this one has our heroes once again trying to stop a Big Bad Guy from getting his hands on one of the Infinity Stones. These Infinity Stones are sources of great power. I’d tell you more but that’s all there is to tell. If a Big Bad Guy gets his hands on an Infinity Stone he can control or destroy the galaxy, or the universe, or whatever. The stakes are high.
*. I’d like to say I liked this one more, but despite being well handled it’s so formulaic it made my brain hurt. The team of misfits is introduced and assembled. At first they fight amongst themselves but under pressure they come together. A planet is threatened. They save the day. A sequel is promised.
*. Is it fun? I guess. I just have a hard time enjoying a film so predictable. You literally know how every chapter in the story is going to play out. There wasn’t a single surprise, and there weren’t as many laughs as promised either. On the charm scale I’d put it well behind Ant-Man and Deadpool (which were to be next up). It’s not without its moments, but at what point, you have to wonder, is Marvel going to hit a wall? They can’t keep making the same film forever. Can they?

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