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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)


*. The first Sin City movie was based on three of Frank Miller’s Sin City comic books, and one assumes they took the three they thought were best, or at least best suited for adaptation. So when, nine years later, it came time to do a sequel, they were left with the B-sides: three stories that aren’t as strong, don’t work as well together, and make figuring out a coherent chronology for the series next to impossible.
*. Actually the title story isn’t bad. It’s a standard noir set up with Eva Green playing Ava, the devil-in-a-blue-dress femme fatale (that is, when she first appears; later she’s not so keen on wearing clothes at all). Another story with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a gambler trying to score a moral revenge on his father adds up to nothing, and Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke just go through the motions in the framing narrative (yet another tale of bloody revenge).
*. Visually it’s more of the same from the first film, and that’s not enough. People are shot, butchered, and bludgeoned. There are some Looney Tunes car chases. All the actors reprising their parts seem uninspired repeating the same old lines and doing the same old moves. Nor do the newbies add much. Ray Liotta is wasted in a brief part and Stacy Keach is unrecognizable as Jabba the Hutt in mirrored glasses. One wonders if they needed to have any actor play that part or if they could have just done it as CGI.
*. It’s not that this is a terrible movie, but one of the worst things you can say about a sequel is that it makes you like the first film even less. That’s the effect this had on me, and I already had problems with Sin City. One hopes they won’t feel the need to visit this town again.